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In this step you will be finding out about different types of people, including what type of person you are. This step is intended as information for you so that you know what type you are and the different types of people that are around but this information is NOT so that you can label yourself or others. You can read more about how labelling affects you and others in Step One – Awareness. 


In addition to learning about the different types of people I will give you strategies to help you deal with the different people you meet throughout your life whether at work or in personal life.


As always I recommend that you use my ABC core techniques which you should have already read but if not, can find in complimentary book on My ABC core techniques 


This step is divided into 7 sections which are reflected in the aims below. As I often say I am not particularly keen on aims and outcome but feedback shows that it does help to focus the person reading.


Aims of Step Five – People


  1. Exercise – help you understand different types
  2. You – find out who you are – ‘know’ yourself
  3. Others – learn about other people
  4. Inner success – learn ways of achieving inner success
  5. Power of thought – learn about the power of thought
  6. Empower yourself – know how to empower yourself
  7. Self-esteem – learn how to increase your self-esteem



  • to know who you are and learn about other people and how to deal with people


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