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I do hope you have already got my complimentary books including my ABC core techniques, Systematic repetition, stress and the benefits of stress prevention. In addition to my complimentary books I will add to resources for you in the form of blogs, vlogs, newsletters and live active social media opportunities.


This is Step Seven and it is divided into two sections. In this first section you are going to find out how and who has influenced you and probably still influences you. In the second section you will find out how you can face and manage change. Both these topics are vital to help you move forward more positively in life.


As I have said in my other Steps I do not particularly like to force aims and outcomes on anyone but from feedback they do help focus and let you know what is in the Step and what you should be able to understand and do once you have completed reading it.


However please remember that personal development does not have a fixed period in which to accomplish it. In fact personal development is really a life-long process. 


I know there may be some people who think that improving their life is too much hard work or that they will not have time to do so. It is for these reasons that I wrote these Steps and offer them online. 


Through the Steps you have easy to use strategies at your fingertips to help you. Do not be mistaken by their simplicity – they are extremely effective when used regularly – remember the importance of systematic repetition.


The two sections of this Step are reflected in the aims and outcomes detailed below.


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